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We've built a different kind of tech investment firm: one that’s structured around emerging trends and doesn’t follow a rigid playbook. With our global presence, deep cross-sector network, company-scaling resources, and flexible capital, we believe our approach makes us the ideal partner for companies passionately focused on innovation and growth at scale.
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Global presence

Tech isn't constrained by borders. To grow at scale often requires local and global know-how. With 15 offices in 12 countries across four continents, we believe we're ideally positioned to help our partners succeed in domestic and global markets alike.

Deep cross-sector network

Tech is no longer a standalone vertical market. Technology has become an enabling layer across all sectors of the economy, empowering businesses to better reach, serve, and solve problems for their employees and customers. Advent’s experience and long history of investing in business & financial services, healthcare, industrial, and retail, consumer, & leisure — and the networks we’ve developed while doing so — give us the expertise to help tech companies disrupt their markets.

Company-scaling resources

Scaling to bold new heights isn't easy – it "takes a village". We have that village, with vast specialist resources to help you and your teams hire faster, build better product, and scale your go-to-market. Our cadre of ex-CEOs/CXOs, industry advisors, and functional experts have been in your shoes and share your passion for building world-class tech businesses.

Flexible capital

Advent Tech operates as a single team with greater flexibility than traditional investment boundaries of deal size and type. This allows us to work with ambitious tech companies, whether they’re seeking a minority growth round or a billion dollar investment to fuel accelerated growth or major transformational deals. Having one team with extensive experience across the growth continuum enables us to help companies leverage the broader tech ecosystem.

Bryan Taylor, managing partner, Advent International
To me, the most important part of Advent's culture is the spirit of cooperation.

Bryan Taylor

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