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Revolutionizing ecommerce, one seller at a time

Revolutionizing ecommerce, one seller at a time

Riding on Amazon’s rocket, thousands of mom-and-pop shops selling their wares through the Fulfillment by Amazon platform have had a moment of lift.

In fact, more than 60% of Amazon’s retail business is from third-party sellers, who join the ecommerce platform to tap its enormous customer base and the convenience of Prime. But what happens when their potential is more than what a small team can handle? And how do successful entrepreneurs reap rewards from their labor?

That’s where Thrasio comes in. As the largest consolidator of FBA businesses, it acquires successful merchants and scales them. Using data analytics and technology to establish replicable, precise operations and marketing processes for each one, it drives organic growth at a pace individual entrepreneurs wouldn’t be able to achieve alone.

In just over three years since helping found the company, CEO Carlos Cashman has helped Thrasio acquire thousands of products across more than 100 brands. Profitable from day one, the company achieved growth at scale in record time. Thrasio’s exceptionally talented team is continuously learning and refining processes – from acquisition to onboarding and long-term brand development – and putting additional distance between the company and its rivals.

Revolutionizing ecommerce, one seller at a time
Advent has been an ideal partner for us. With their strength in technology and consumer goods, they have provided with access to incredible talent, insights, and networks.

Carlos Cashman

CEO and Co-Founder, Thrasio

Since leading Thrasio’s $260 million Series C in July 2020 and becoming the company’s largest shareholder, Advent has lent its deep experience in ecommerce, consumer products, and international marketplaces to help the company scale. Leveraging operational partners with skill sets ranging from supply chain management to IT infrastructure, Advent has provided Thrasio with the operational resources necessary to build systems that will keep up with its rapid expansion. 

As Thrasio continues to grow, it is better positioned to continue offering the most compelling exits to FBA sellers. Thrasio has already earned a reputation in the FBA community as an attractive and ethical buyer that closes deals quickly. With Advent’s support, it has begun expanding beyond Amazon’s platform and helping brands reach consumers directly or on other marketplaces as they scale to new heights.

More than 200 brands acquired and almost $1B paid to sellers

Sitting at the intersection of the technology and consumer products sectors, Thrasio’s current and future needs are well-matched to Advent’s operational expertise – and capture our investment philosophy of tech as a horizontal.

Thrasio is a quintessential growth company that is leveraging tech and know-how to bring efficiencies to a large swath of the ecommerce ecosystem. With a business that’s roughly five times the size of its closest competitor, it’s no wonder that Thrasio is becoming synonymous with ecommerce aggregation – and that its name is being used as a verb in the burgeoning sector.