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Alek Ferro • July 14, 2022Perspectives

SonarSource: Every business must run on clean code

Shifting how organizations build software, with seamless code analysis at the development stage

  • Digitization and cloud deployments have focused every organization on the value of high-standard source code for reducing risk and tech debt.
  • The shift-left movement places quality and security increasingly in the hands of developers to enable faster release cycles, but this requires useful tools that fit within the developer workflow.
  • SonarSource scans and validates code in the integrated developed environment (IDE) and throughout the build process, so developers can avoid rework and focus on innovating.

Every organization now builds software – not just tech companies, but also banks, health networks, consumer brands, and government agencies. With the power of the cloud, organizations can quickly build and deploy new digital applications, but they still need to ensure these applications are high-quality and secure without sacrificing speed. At the same time, as infrastructure has become abstracted and commoditized, organizations have been reminded that their one true digital asset is their source code.

Writing high-standard code is the best way for businesses to avoid costly tech debt, production issues, and security breaches. The software community understands the development stage is the first and best opportunity to minimize maintenance, risks, and rework. This has fueled the shift-left movement to empower development teams to own quality and security directly. Their challenge has been enabling developers with tools that fit seamlessly within their workflow without creating extra friction or effort.

This is why we were so excited to invest in SonarSource, the company leading the way in bringing clean code analysis to the development stage.

Fixing bugs before they start

In the era of shift-left, SonarSource is left-native and has been throughout its history.

SonarSource’s solutions seamlessly embed clean code directly into the development process, beginning with an IDE extension. Like a supercharged spell check, the plug-in gives developers real-time feedback, helping to find and fix bugs and security issues as they write code. Working in the background, SonarSource ensures maximum coverage for 29 programming languages.

For development teams and enterprises, SonarSource also offers a cloud-based or self-managed static analysis tool that acts as a quality gate on new code as it is committed, to prevent new issues from creeping in. As software gets continuously updated, SonarSource improves the overall health of the entire codebase. A clean codebase is easier to update and helps avoid costly overhauls.

With SonarSource, development teams can clean as they code, reducing tech debt. By addressing issues earlier in the development cycle, the production software stays robust and continuously operable. This saves developers time, so they can focus on innovating and delivering better products.

Trusted by the developer community

Used by over 6 million developers at more than 300,000 organizations, SonarSource is truly the category-defining leader in clean code for development teams.

The company has earned an outstanding reputation within the developer community, in part due to its commitment to open source. Since SonarSource was founded in 2008, it has maintained an open core principle and offered a free open source version of its solution. It has also built a vibrant community around its offerings to promote continuous learning and improvement.

Focusing on transparency and delivering value to users has anchored SonarSource’s growth strategy and delivered impressive momentum. The company has grown its commercial customer base by over 2,000% in the last four years, and that customer base now includes 80 Fortune 100 companies, such as IBM, Microsoft, Barclays, and Alphabet, as well as major organizations such as NASA.

Clean code tools for the world’s 70 million developers

We are excited to partner with SonarSource as the company builds on this rapid momentum and drives toward $1 billion in revenue. Our enthusiasm for the company is grounded in a deep appreciation of tech as a horizontal – every organization builds software, and every organization needs the clean code tools that SonarSource has pioneered.

SonarSource will use this capital raise to double its go-to-market team globally, across half a dozen offices on three continents. The investment in sales and marketing will help the company expand its reach among the world’s 70 million developers. We are thrilled to work with Olivier Gaudin, CEO and co-founder, and the rest of the SonarSource team, as the company continues to transform the experience of writing code – freeing every developer to spend less time debugging, and more time innovating.