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Amanda Shi

Palo Alto
Amanda Shi

Featured partnerships

Amanda has worked on Advent’s investment in BigPanda.

I’ve always believed in the transformational power of tech.

We’re seeing a lot of industries being transformed by broad sub-verticals of tech, such as data automation and data analytics. That said, there are still industries that haven’t been touched at all by large-scale innovation and huge pockets of the global economy are underserved by technology. This is what motivated me to become a tech investor – to invest in and partner with companies that are changing how the world moves forward.

Certain sectors will be democratized.

We’re just at the start of technology-driven transformation in sectors such as healthcare and financial services – and this transformation is a net positive. You’re giving more people access to goods and services that have historically been reserved for a small segment of the population. Technology innovation makes markets more efficient and drives broad competitive advantage, and access and democratization come as a result of that.

My time at McKinsey helped train my eye for best-in-class operations, management, and execution.

I worked hand-in-hand with companies during both their highs and their lows. In my mind, it’s just as important to know how to dig yourself out of a hole as it is to know how to keep winning.

Growing up with an identical twin sister drove my competitive nature.

My twin sister and I competed in practically everything growing up, including junior tennis. One of the biggest psychological lessons I learned as a kid, during times we were matched up against each other in tournament draws, was how to switch between being a competitor on court and a sister off court. Although growing up with constant competition was stressful at times, it pushed me to become a better version of myself.