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David Gomez-Rivera

Palo Alto
David Gomez-Rivera

We have a compelling offer for tech companies.

Many tech markets are barbell-shaped, with challengers on one end and established incumbents on the other. Historically, tech investing has been myopic, specializing on only one end of the growth curve. We believe there is value in understanding both sides of the market, and developing the IP for transitioning companies from high-growth disruptors to true market-leaders. We do have that experience, and we invest in both markets through one single investment team. Possessing the knowledge and ability helps us grow companies into industry leaders – and it makes for an attractive offering for tech companies.

Advent is a close-knit global and cross-sector community.

Our firm is one of the largest and most experienced global private equity firms, but not just on paper. We work very closely across our international offices, just as we do across our sectors, and we leverage those resources to accelerate growth for our portfolio companies. We have facilitated organic and inorganic international expansion for our companies across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. In situations where tech overlaps with another sector, we are able to work with our industry colleagues to bring deep and differentiated perspectives.

We’re a team that values diversity.

My parents came to the US from Mexico as young adults and built a microbusiness from the ground up (a taco truck!). From their journey, I built an appreciation for the level of effort and dedication required to start something from new – not dissimilar from many of the tech founders we meet with. The blue-collar, first-generation background I grew up with is distinct from the typical private equity investor and is representative of the diversity we have at Advent – not just in terms of gender or race, but in perspectives and life experience.