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Jade Nguyen

Palo Alto
Jade Nguyen - Advent International Tech team member

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Jade has worked on Advent’s investments in Assembly and Zenoti.

Investing appealed to me for its variety.

I discovered finance quite late in my education, and I hadn’t even heard of private equity until I was a senior in college. When I was growing up, there were so many things that excited me, and so many career paths I could have imagined myself following. I realized that I’ve always preferred learning about a lot of different topics, as opposed to specializing in one. The reason that I was drawn to private equity was because it had that variety – every company that we look at is unique, and I’m constantly learning new things.

Speaking to so many passionate people is a privilege.

What makes working in this industry so rewarding is the number of intelligent, thoughtful people I get to cross paths with – both in the office, through diligence, and with management teams. I’m still astounded to this day that I get to meet such amazing people in my everyday job.

I’m most interested in technology as a liberating force.

The sectors that interest me most are concerned with traditional industries that aren’t typically thought of as tech-driven, but stand to gain tangible value from it. You can see the impact of software most clearly where it has made manual or repetitive tasks easier, freeing up time for people to do things they find more important or rewarding.

I’ve always liked to share my passion for learning.

School was very important to me growing up, and I wanted to be able to give back somehow. My first-ever job was as a tutor, working mostly with fourth-grade students and then with high school students. What I really hoped to achieve was to get students to think about education in the same way I did. I still relish any chance to play that role in people’s lives and get them excited about learning something new.