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Jay Mehta

New York
Jay Mehta

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Jay has worked on Advent’s investments in Coralogix, Forescout Technologies, McAfee, Salt Security, and Tekion.

I grew up in five different countries.

My parents immigrated to the US from India in the early 1990s and my father took a job at an oil company. Because of this, we moved 13 times by the time I was 18 – across Egypt, England, Trinidad and Tobago, India, and the United States. These experiences have had a profound impact on how I view people and the world today.

Culture is the most underappreciated competitive advantage.

Both within our business and those that we aspire to work with, culture is the backbone of the organization – and its importance only compounds over time. We try to partner with management teams that understand how important it is to get it right, even though it doesn’t show up as a line item on the P&L.

Collaboration is central to Advent's ethos.

Whether it’s how we work within our own teams across sectors and geographies, how we operate on boards and our investment committees, or how we engage with founders and managers, nobody ever loses sight of the fact that we’re all playing on the same team.