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Kathy Fang

Palo Alto
Kathy Fang

Featured partnerships

Kathy has worked on Advent’s investment in CertiK.

Advent offers a unique set of opportunities.

Advent Tech is pushing the conventional boundaries of investing that you would expect from a traditional private equity team. I was looking for more of an entrepreneurial environment, and I’m excited to be part of a leaner team where I can have more autonomy and impact.

It’s vital to build a collaborative relationship with management.

At my previous firm, one of my portfolio companies was a talent agency. It’s a relationship-driven business, where people are the key asset. Covid-19 impacted the company heavily, and we worked quickly in partnership with management to implement creative solutions that helped stabilize the company. We were able to do so because of the strong relationship and trust that we had built with management over the course of a long partnership.

I’ve always had an innate passion for science and technology.

Both of my parents work in the scientific field, and they had a strong influence on me growing up. I naturally gravitated toward STEM subjects and loved participating in science fairs throughout high school. When I was applying to college, MIT was my top choice because of my passion for math and science. I decided to study computer science because software transforms all aspects of our lives: the way we work, communicate, and socialize.

In the end, investing was the right way for me to continue exploring technology.

While studying computer science, I blended in business coursework and realized that I really enjoyed strategic thinking around technology trends and spaces, as well as how to scale businesses. Becoming an investor was the right way for me to continue learning about and fulfilling my curiosity around technology.