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Lauren Young

New York
Lauren Young

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Lauren has worked on Advent’s investments in Allied SA, CCC Intelligent Solutions, Definitive Healthcare, Forescout Technologies, Iodine Software, P2 Energy, and Tekion.

My first passion is finding unique business models.

There is nothing more exciting than meeting great management teams building companies with huge potential. Initially it’s about the hunt: hearing about a company that piques my interest and then finding a way to meet with them. We inevitably see a lot of opportunities, given our vast network and longevity in the industry. So it’s particularly gratifying when a company comes along that just catches my eye and makes me think, “I have to get to know that company. They are doing something truly differentiated”.

My second passion is partnering with ambitious CEOs and management teams.

Just like finding great companies, it’s equally exhilarating to partner with CEOs who are real visionaries. At Advent, we are attracted to CEOs and management teams who are product and customer experts, data driven, and laser-focused on creating and delivering a technology that disrupts their end markets. When teams have a big vision for the future, I can’t help but get excited to work alongside them. Whether it’s putting in place the infrastructure to scale, helping them to go public, or reaching $1 billion of revenue, helping them accelerate their trajectory is the best part of the job.

I’m a firm believer that there’s a high correlation between strong workplace culture and performance.

It’s our secret sauce at Advent – we have such a great culture of collaboration and humility. I look for a similar secret sauce in the companies we diligence. From management-team interpersonal dynamics to looking at employee reviews, it’s the little things that speak volumes.

Technology is about solving big problems.

My mother was a lifelong organic chemist who helped develop one of Merck’s blockbuster drugs. Her incredible work ethic, combined with her deep passion for the field, allowed her to have a true impact on people’s lives. She taught me to appreciate how tech innovation can allow a small group of mission-driven people to have a transformative impact on the world.