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Mackenzie Peebles

New York
Mackenzie Peebles

Tech creates solutions and cultivates growth for all industries

In my previous role, I was an analyst in the industrials group, which may not seem the most obvious segue into tech. I worked primarily within the chemicals subvertical – with products that go into semiconductors, shampoo, vitamins, and the paint on your car. These are the basic building blocks upon which all businesses and households rely. Technology is similar in that is has become a critical element in both business and daily life, but it is much more dynamic and increasingly at the core of most everything, helping to create solutions, efficiencies and supporting growth in all industries. It’s a truly horizontal space, and I’m excited about the opportunity to collaborate with and contribute to Advent teams across all sectors.

Each challenge is different

I grew up in Nashville, the home of healthcare and music, and I wasn’t exposed to finance until I entered college. Private equity wasn’t on my radar until my banking and college mentors spoke of the PE environment as one that would be stimulating, never stagnant and a place where I’d be able to learn from some of the brightest people in the industry. Every situation is an opportunity to create or build something new – you can expand upon things you’ve done previously, but you can’t rely completely upon precedents.

We’re expected to have a view

In my experience, banking and private equity (PE) diverge quite a bit at the junior level. In banking you’re told what to do and when to do it by. There is not often the expectation to contemplate the overarching problem or to generate creative solutions. In PE, and at Advent specifically, there is much greater exposure and responsibility from the start. There is an expectation that we’ll contribute to teams and businesses in a meaningful way – tackle problems, propose solutions – especially due to our proximity to the numbers. And when we’re weighing the merits and risks of a business, we look up to seasoned investment team members, senior executives and visionary leaders who have years of operating experience. It’s unique to have this level of exposure and responsibility at an early career stage.

The partnership culture permeates throughout the organization

At Advent, I’ve been gratified to find our colleagues’ commitment to mentorship and career development. They take the time to get to know us personally, to create structured programs to advance our professional development, and afford us the privilege of working alongside them. This willingness to listen, advise, problem-solve and work together reflects the ways in which Advent works with its portfolio companies—it’s a true partnership model.

Your career is a marathon, not a sprint

I’ve learned through my experience in banking not to lose sight of positive habits when things become busy. Setting aside time each day to do the things that ground you enables you to be more efficient throughout the day. Most mornings I go on a jog, take time to cook and enjoy my breakfast, and walk to work. These sound like inconsequential things, but they set me up for a focused and productive day. On weekends, I try to escape the frenzy of New York City by going to the Catskills with my friends to hike and find fresh produce to bake with. Being in the mountains is my favorite way to decompress and restore perspective.