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Philip Jurgensmeyer

Palo Alto
Philip Jurgensmeyer

My earliest ambition was to be an astronaut.

I’ve always been excited by pushing the boundaries of what we know and what’s possible. As I grew up, I thought a lot about the big problems that needed to be solved, and in my college years I started to develop a strong interest in tech. I saw how software was revolutionizing the way the world works, and the speed at which change was coming – the fact that a single iPhone is millions of times faster than the Apollo 11 computers blew me away, and I knew I wanted to be a part of this revolution.

Technology is a force-multiplier for all.

Tech empowers both enterprises and individuals to accomplish what would have never been possible for them before, and this is a democratizing force. A small business owner can manage highly personalized customer relationships, keep enterprise-grade accounting, and process payments at her local farmer’s market. Tech is empowering companies and individuals to cope with a constantly changing world, and we’re still early in what’s possible.

I am excited for thoughtful partnership.

Advent’s culture is cerebral, collaborative, and consensus driven – and this was clear from my first interactions with the team. In a world where there are numerous strong tech investors, this is a powerful differentiator. I wanted to be a part of a team that values diversity of thought and works hand-in-hand with management teams to drive lasting impact. The opportunity to do that alongside a world-class team is a privilege.