Our approach

what we BELIEVE
Core to our strategy are two underlying beliefs. First, that tech is a horizontal, impacting virtually every industry and business. Second, that tech is one ecosystem, where success means understanding both disruptors and incumbents. These beliefs help us partner with the most promising innovators of today with the goal of building them into the market leaders of tomorrow.

Tech is a horizontal

In today's world, tech is disrupting virtually every industry. Technology has become mission-critical across all sectors and has empowered businesses large and small to become more competitive in their respective industries. As a result, accelerating growth for many tech companies requires a partner with not only deep technology expertise, but also knowledge of and relationships within other vertical end markets.

Tech is one ecosystem

Tech, more than any other industry, is dynamic and fluid. The ecosystem thrives from a constant cross-pollination of ideas, talent, and customers. Consequently, it takes a knowledge and perspective of — and relationships with — both early disruptors and established incumbents to have the holistic view necessary to identify and support the next generation of tech leaders.